Friday, May 31, 2013

beware of this attorney out of UTAH hes got girlfriends all over the UNITED STATES.. AND WIVES, DON"T be his next NUMBER.

I see michael L humiston  got his drivers license suspended because of a fine, he refuse to pay. Attorney thought he could get away with it.. Karma is getting even with him !!. All you women out there who are getting post cards and his girlfriends that he has. You don't know about. You think your the only one he has you are wrong. He has 35 of you maybe more. He may convinces you that your the only one, but your not.. please don't fall for his bull crap. He turns you against your family or he will make you afraid of your own family, and says that is for your own good, and if you do try to talk to your family he will get right in your face and and start yelling at you, or he may even beat you for talking to your family maybe even your friends to. Then he says one day you will understand, what he is doing is going to help you and make you stronger. Or he will say your family is taking all your energy and leaving you with nothing,  when its him who is doing this to you. You are a weak person and he will make you A stronger person. 

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