Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Michael L Humiston is a polygamist its on Albany Oregon divorce records.   hes married to 3 other women under his church, He is going after his clients to marry him.   He want to marry 35 women and these women don't even know he is doing this to them.  He tells these women what they want to hear.   When he marry's them,  then tell them about the other women he is married to.  He wan't to marry 35 women and they are all his clients.  he goes after the weak people. drug attics, mental institution, learning disability ,  ones who he don't think they can find for them selves.  He will break you down until you are left with nothing, that's how he makes you fell.  He mentally abuse you and physically abuse you. be wear of him please.  if your are getting post cards from him then you know you are on his list, because that is how he starts going after you of he wants you.  He sends 50 post cards all at once.  I have seen this time and time again.  please be wear of him.  watch for his signs.  he tells you people are after him wanting to destroy him, and judges want to put him in jail. That he is in danger.   He will feed on your fears.  Hes been doing this to people for 15 years that I know of.  michael has made threats to me if I told any one about his polygamy.  Beware.

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