Thursday, May 30, 2013

Michael L humiston

 Michael L Humiston  his other wife Joan Patton died from cancer that is caused by venereal diseases  and Michael is probably carrying this because hes been with her for 15 years now and has a sexual relationship with for 15 years... Not knowing about his polygamy group. All his girlfriends he has. You better get checked and often to see if you have it I know you can get a shot, to keep from getting it.  but it could be to late I have been check and I don't have anything.  thank you God for protecting me from this.  Michael will not tell you about this.  I had to find out from some one who new JOAN she told me about it..  Joan wouldn't even tell me, she had this venereal diseases.  she was spreading this to other MEN..  Very said story.  threatening people with their diseases and giving it to other people. PLEASE GET CHECKED and often, to see if you have anything.. I hate to be the one to tell you all about this..   I just found out my self a few months ago.  I just didn't know how to go about telling people until now..

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