Sunday, June 2, 2013

attorney utah

I am posting these things to keep people from falling into michael's trap for polygamy.  I'm trying to save your life against Michael L Humiston attorney out of UTAH.  Don't fall for his post cards, hes has other women besides you.  I want people to know what he is up to.  please read my blogs.   don't  think this is all a joke he will convince you that it is and some one who is against him, in order to keep you.  This is some one who is against him.  What he is doing is wrong.  by not telling you hes got other wives and girlfriends over 35 of them and hes sleeping with most of you.  he will try to convince you to sleep with him saying that no one will have sex with him, and he don't know why.  He will say any thing for you to have sex with him,  but I guess that's a typical guy for you to. I guess that not out of the ordinary.  call the court house in Abany Oregon they will tell you its all true.. its all on divorce documents.  I'm trying to help you women out there to see who he really is.  I'm trying to protect you from this monster.  Not have to go through what I went through. The abuse and the controlling he was over you.  You can be strong and get out of it, before its to late and you marry this monster...  I will help you get out of this situation if you need me to I am there for you any time you need me...


  1. Are you Able to contact me? Are you really there?

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  3. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him?